Credit Bureau Association of Nigeria | Tips to prevent identity theft
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Tips to prevent identity theft

Tips to prevent identity theft

Making the habit of periodically checking your credit reports, from a Credit Bureau helps you discover if anyone made unauthorized purchases or has stolen your identity to access your bank accounts or open other lines of credit in your name.

Be aware of your surroundings when you are accessing any accounts that require you to enter a password or PIN in public. If someone stands too close to you, do not be afraid to ask the person to move back. If he/she is not willing to do so, let the person go first. Remember, it is better to be safe than sorry. If you do not feel safe, try using another machine.

Do not write down your passwords where someone can find them, such as your wallet or purse. Also, take advantage of credit reports, which will help you analyze whether anyone has stolen your identity to access your bank accounts.

Always check for the padlock symbol in the right-hand bottom of the website scroll bar if it is a merchant website. If it is an organization or an affiliation, contact the website administrator or the organization via phone or email to verify that such information is actually needed before entering in any information.

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